Employees state that 60% of time spent in meetings is "time wasted"

Often adding up to 3 to 5 wasted hours per person per week. This is probably the largest single productivity issue in your business or organisation. We have developed a simple and FREE employee driven engagement solution that will quickly help you to save time in fewer and Shorter Better Meetings.

Collaborate with your colleagues in order to highlight and address the issue of ineffective and time wasting internal meetings. Simply register and invite colleagues to join you in a User Group. Our system then recognises when specific User Group members have attended meetings and members' feedback is aggregated to generate an ongoing picture of Overall Meeting Effectiveness. You will see the key ongoing Performance Factors that may over time be contributing to ineffective meetings in your User Group e.g. meetings are all too often seen to be too long, the wrong people are in the meetings or the agenda is not adhered to etc.

Meeting effectiveness can easily be improved enabling you to free up at least 2 hours per week. Sign-up for FREE and see for yourselves - you will soon be saving time in fewer and Shorter Better Meetings.

Fewer, shorter and more effective meetings = improved productivity and enhanced employee satisfaction and engagement. Ineffective meetings are not a "necessary evil". Sign-up for FREE and work together with your colleagues to start to save time in fewer, shorter and more effective meetings.