About Us

We have developed a new, unique and simple but highly effective online Talent Analytics / Productivity Improvement software tool that will support significant productivity gains by addressing the wide scale and costly issue of low productivity surrounding internal enterprise meetings.

It is a disappointing fact that the UK lags behind all other major economies in terms of both Output per Hour and Output per Worker. Output per hour in the UK was 16 percentage points below the average for the rest of the major industrialized economies in 2011, the widest productivity gap since 1993. On an output per worker basis, UK productivity was 21 percentage points lower than the rest of the G7 in 2011 (Source: Office of National Statistics ).

Some 50% of UK and US based Office workers see 60% of time spent in meetings as "time wasted". This adds up to over two hours per week per employee that is simplty "time wasted "(and the problem is seen to be greater in many organisations and across the Public Sector). That is a staggering 1,000+ wasted hours per year across a team of ten employees. 

Why is this?

Research tells us that a major issue with regard to office based workers is low productivity surrounding internal business meetings. And the problem is exacerbated due to the employee frustration associated with frequent, lengthy and often unsuccessful internal meetings.

We are Enterprise Productivity Solutions Ltd. We have developed a simple web based (100% online) solution to the problem of ineffective, lengthy and frustrating meetings. Organisations and businesses who adopt our solution can boost productivity per office based worker by £3,000 per annum where individuals can easily save two to three hours per week via attending Shorter Better and more effective Meetings.

ShorterBetterMeetings.com is an online, collaborative, employee driven and employee empowering productivity solution. Employee engagement via very quick (10 second) Post Meeting Surveys generates data that allows our system to generate analytics that are specific to User Groups within your organisation or business. These analytics are made available to all user Group Members via our FREE solution. All individual User Data remains entirely confidential; no individual survey data is ever shared with any other party internally or externally, your analtics are only ever displayed via summary of aggregate data.

The analytics will highlight whether or not your Overall Meeting Effectiveness (OME) is lower than target and whether it varies between departments (i.e. between User Groups). Crucially the analytics will highlight specific key internal Performance Factors (per User Group) that might be the specific root cause of ineffective meetings i.e. meeting are seen to be too long, are not attended by the correct individuals, agendas and objectives are not clearly defined or are not adhered to etc.

Once the issues surrounding meetings are defined then it is fairly easy to address them and to start to greatly increase productivity as well as employee engagement and satisfaction at work. Sign up to start to save 2+ hours per wek per employee where everyone can enjoy Shorter Better Meetings.

We always welcome feedback and ideas. Please feel free to contact us here support@shorterbettermeetings.com