How Much Time Can We Save? Save at least 2 hours per week!

Research tells us that the average office worker spends over four hours per week in meetings and that well over 2 hours of that time is considered time “wasted”. Many of us will spend over ten hours a week in meetings, and will still consider at least half of this as time wasted.

Sign Up for our Freemum Solution. Let’s be conservative and say that you might spend 6 hours a week in internal meetings. Half of that time is time wasted and you could achieve the same and better results in just 3 hours per week if you make meetings better. It is the simplest way to free-up three hours a week, 12 hours per month, 150 hours a year. This is equivalent to saving 4 weeks of office time. If we apply a conservative cost of £20 per hour then the readilly achievable time saving per year is £3,000+ per annum per employee. This all adds up to significant productivity and cost savings where per team of 20 employees involved with internal meetings the business or organisation can boost productivity by £60,000 per year.

Just as important as the direct productivity gains to be achieved from fewer, shorter and better meetings is the fact that less time spent in meetings means less frustration for employees, more engaged employees and more time freed-up for employees to concentrate on the really important day to day work objectives. Less time in meetings = more time being productive away from meetings.


First you need to start to quantify the scale of the problem and highlight the recurring dominant issues that need to be addressed. Sign Up to our unique and FREE online solution and start to save time in Shorter Better Meetings.