Our Solution / How Does it Work?


These are the five simple Steps to Shorter Better Meetings. And our solution is genuinely FREE. Please register and created a User Group (from left hand navigation on your Dashboard page). After which;

  • Whenever you schedule an internal meeting simply add new “attendee” savetime@shorterbettermeetings.com and our system will recognise the scheduled meeting time and the identity of all enrolled attendees i.e. those attendees who are registered in your ShorterBetterMeetings internal User Group.
  • After the scheduled end of the meeting all registered attendees (members of a User Group) will receive and be prompted to complete a very short 10 second Post Meeting Survey. Completing 10 surveys per week will take less than 2 minutes/week but could save you 2+ hours per week.
  • This 10 Second Survey asks 7 very simple questions including "How Effective was the Meeting in Achieving its Objectives" Answer from 1-10. It is important to note that Individual Survey Responses are NEVER shared with any other party either internally or externally – individual response data is and remains 100% confidential.
  • Our software systems now generates ongoing Analytics which demonstrate how effective you, the meeting attendees, see meetings to have been over time. This is trending OME (Overall Meeting Effectiveness) for your User Group e.g. “Sales Dept”, “Finance Dept”,  “Marketing” etc. You will quickly see whether Overall Meeting Effectiveness (OME) is seen to be rising or falling over time and how your User Group compares to that of other User Groups of which you are also a member.
  • If your Overall Meeting Effectiveness (OME) is seen to be below target or below that of other internal User Groups then you may have a productivity issue surrounding meetings but you now have, for the first time, firm quantitative data to demonstrate that a clear productivity issue exists and steps can now be taken to resolve the highlighted "Performance Factors", these being the specific factors that may be causing meetings to be less effective than desired. Performance Factors may be, for example, that meetings are too often seen to be too long, attended by the wrong people, have no clear objectives or agenda or that those objectives are not adhered to.

As frustrated employees who suffer too much time spent in too many lengthy and often ineffective meetings you now have the data to demonstrate the defined nature of the problem. With this data you can engage with colleagues in order to address the specific problem Performance Factors and in doing so you will start to see Overall Meeting Effectiveness rise over time.

You will now be enjoying fewer, Shorter and Better Meetings

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Keep on top of it! Continue to use the solution over time and meetings will become better and better. We hope that you really will save a considerable amount of valuable time and you will be happier and more engaged while overall productive will improve. Target saving 2+ hours per week.

Other Analytics are outlined here.

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