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  • Techradar - CEBR Reports that time wasted in meetings costs the UK economy £26 billion per year

  • Management Today - Workers wasting 7 hours per week in ineffective meetings

  • The Wall Street Journal - How to Stop Wasting Colleagues Time (Better Meetings)

  • The Financial Times - 15 Minute Meetings

  • Harvard Business School

  • - At least 30% of time managers spend in meetings is “time wasted”

  • - Too Many Meetings at Work

  • Bain & Co - Only 54% of time spent in meetings is “time well spent”

  • Research from the Harvard Business Review

  • Verizon - 37% of US Employee Time is spent in meetings

  • - Employees would rather watch paint dry than attend status meetings

  • - Unnecessary Meetings cost $37 billion per annum