Who is this for?

A large proportion of businesses and organisations suffer the problem of low productivity surrounding internal meetings. Meetings are often a huge source of frustration to employees. The average office based worker in the UK spends 5+ hours per week in meetings and sees over 60% of this time as "time wasted". Too many people simply accept the frustration of ineffective meetings.

Don’t just put up with the frustration of ineffective meetings!

Join the 50% of businesses and organisation who do not suffer ineffective meetings. Meetings need not be a productivity issue. Our simple solution is 100% online and is Free. It identifies the scale of the problem and highlights simple factors that can then be addressed in order to make meetings less frequent, shorter and better.

We support a quick and easy employee driven web based solution. It is employees who make meetings better by quickly collaborating online to identify the extent of the issue and the key contributing causes of ineffective meetings. We hope that you, the hard pushed and time starved employees across all sorts of business and organisation will sign up and start to collaborate and engage in saving time, improving your working lives and enjoying a painless increase in productivity.

Sign up here and invite colleagues to join you (go to "My Account" and then "Invite Colleagues") in achieving less frequent and Shorter Better Meetings.

Our solution is for any business or organisation whether large or small, Public or Private sector, that like around half of all businesses and organisations, suffers from too many meetings that are too often too long and are frequently seen to be ineffective.

Our solution engages employees. We feel confident that if you provide 2 minutes of feedback per week you can target a time saving of 2+ hours per week or a 50%+ reduction in time spent in internal meetings. Productivity is significanty enhanced and your working lives are improved.